Integrated Business Planning: aligning people, process, and technology

Oliver Wight and Board are helping customers realize their Integrated Business Planning vision with a unified solution. 

Customers are empowered to accelerate change, mitigate risk, and realize rewards faster, whilst ensuring self-sufficient delivery of successful IBP initiatives by aligning people, process, and technology together in one joint offer.



White paper: Five key factors to speed up your successful IBP journey

Whether you are starting your IBP journey or are looking for ways to make it better or more effective, you will be considering how to integrate your process focus with the right tools to ensure success, without overburdening your teams with complexity that is either difficult to deliver or impossible to manage.

In this white paper, Oliver Wight and Board outline five key steps to enabling a more sophisticated and cost-effective IBP integration.


Article: CEOs with visibility across all operations will sail to success in 2023

Next-generation integrated business planning that empowers leaders and their teams with real-time data to improve decision-making is essential to triumph this year and beyond.

Read more in our article with CEO Today magazine.


Report: Navigating volatility in a 'permacrisis' world

Investing in people, processes, and technology - not simply focusing on tech - is vital to innovate, empower teams, and better negotiate the choppy waters ahead.

Read more in The Guardian's Future of Manufacturing Report.

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